Sunday, June 19, 2005

City FM 89 - how could you???????? It seems that cutting off content is all the rage these days. I can't believe what they just did. I was waiting for Cloud 89 to begin at noon - Mirwaiz Umar Farooq is going to be on the show today (SWOOOON). At about 11:55 am, Mary Lou and Leon (I think) put on Stairway to Heaven. I wondered how the track would end by 12:00. WELL, IT DIDN'T. Yaar, khudaa ka vaasta, why put on a l o n g Led Zeppelin song, which you claim you haven't played, ever, in the year that you've been doing your show, when you don't have enough time left? So, of course, the ultimate rock anthem, Stairway to Heaven, got chopped off by a Telenor Time Check.

The show began with the Red Baron ticking Talha off for wearing shorts in the presence of the Mirwaiz who, in addition to being the Chairman of the APHC, is a religious leader.

Najam Shiraz is now singing "Hum Dekhain Gay", after which a Kashmiri folk song will be aired, as a tribute to the mighty Mirwaiz. He has spoken 4 sentences so far compared to the Red Baron's 18 ;-)

"He is the man who CAN deliver" says Umar, about our General. What on earth is up with the General these days? Shooting his mouth off about Mukhtaran Mai in New Zealand, threatening to slap Asma Jahangir, and just generally "going berserk" in the words of the New York Times.

Excerpt from a News Editorial
"The truth is finally out. It was none other than President Pervez Musharraf who ordered the travel ban on Mukhtaran Mai, as he himself told members of the Auckland Foreign Correspondents Club. Wire services reported him as saying that he had placed Mukhtaran Mai's name on the Exit Control List to prevent her from proceeding abroad, in an effort to protect Pakistan's image. The President said that Mukhtaran Mai was being taken to the United States by foreign non-government organisations "to bad-mouth Pakistan" over the "terrible state" of the women in the country. In the same breath, he described the NGOs as "Westernised fringe elements" that "are as bad as Islamic extremists."

Who advises this man? And, even if he has retarded, dim-witted advisors, has he stuck his own brain and morality into cold storage?
Uffff, there's way too much Nokia advertising, mindless bantering, and bad remixes happening on the show. No tassalsul ... more talk, less music, fewer interruptions, pleeeeeeeeeeeze.

Just learned that when his father, the Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq, was murdered, Umar was 16, and had to deliver the Friday sermon to 200,000 people at the Jamia Masjid in Srinagar. He said he was a typical teenager, not in the least bit bothered about what was going on around him and suddenly had to take on the responsibility of being the 14th Mirwaiz (Head Preacher).


Darwaish said...

i loved what happened to former deputy of Mush .. Gen. Yousuf Khan.. at the US embassy... he went there for visit visa and was rejected without being asked a single question... :] ... from now on i shall wait for "The General" to retire (ok ok i am a dreamer .. so what) .. and have a taste of his own medicine...

as a nation.. last 4-5 years have been most humiliating ..

1:43 AM  

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