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NGO and CBO Initiatives

Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation

Contact Ali Asghar Khan of OAKDF: 00-92-300-856-5279

For a direct donation for those outside Pakistan:

Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation
MCB Bank Ltd.
US Dollar A/C No: 0585-12-02-542-2

For donations in Pak Rupees:
PAK RS A/C: 0585-01-01-6019-3

OAK Development Fund Street Addresses:

Main Office
2-B, Parbat Road
F-7/3, Islamabad
Telephone: (+92-51) 287-9091/2
Fax: (+92-51) 287-9093

Regional Office
67, Kaghan Colony
Telephone: (+92-992) 381529
Fax: (+92-992) 384180

Regional Office
Main Haripur Road
Village PO Hattar
District Haripur
Telephone: (+92-995) 639137

Sungi Development Foundation

Sungi is the coordinating organisation for the relief committee formed by JAC in Islamabad (a platform of civil society organizations for democracy and justice).

Head Office: House # 881 Mansehra Road Abbottabad
Ph: 92-992-333414; 334750; 336957

Islamabad Office: House # 7-A, Street No. 10, Sector F-8/3. Islamabad
Ph: 092-51-2282481-2

Muzaffarabad Office: B-68 Upper Chhattar, Muzaffarabad
Ph: 092-5881032448

The focal point for coordination in Sungi is Naeem Iqbal (092-300-5164530) with Riaz Ahmed and Francisco D'sa(092-300-9562063)

Their bank account details are as follows:

Sungi Development Foundation, Dollar Account No. 412-2
Branch Code: 0585, MCB Star Branch, Abbottabad, Swift Code: MUCBKKAA

Sungi Development Foundation, Rupee Account No. 365-40-1, MCB Star
Branch, Abbottabad

Concern for Children Trust

Concern for Children is a Trust formed by Glaxo Smith Kline. Concern for Children is taking a team of doctors and specialists to the Northern Areas along with vital supplies which are badly needed. Among the most needed items are clean drinking water, tents, blankets, food, and milk for children. With the onset of winter the provision of these supplies is essential for the survivors to make it.

The Concern for Children ( team leaves over the weekend. I would appreciate it if all of you could donate whatever you can to them. The dollar goes a long way as 1USD=59 PKR. 50 USD can purchase 1,000 bottles of clean drinking water to give you an idea. If you have already donated, please pass this message on to anyone who might be interested. Even a hundred dollars will help to make a huge difference.

The bank information is as follows:

CFC Bank Account Information:
Title of Account: Concern for Children Trust
Account Number: 5785567007
Swift Code: CITIPKKX
Bank Name: Citibank N.A.
AWT Plaza
I.I. Chundrigar Road
Karachi, Pakistan

The Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN)

RSPN is coordinating relief assistance to communities in the worst affected of the 8 October earthquake. The RSPN was registered as a non-profit company under Pakistan's Companies Ordinance, in 2001. It is the largest non-governmental network of rural development programmes in the country working with 72,000 Community Organisations in 73 of the country's 120 districts. It has ten Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) as its implementing partners. These member Rural Support Programmes have a historical and strong grassroots presence, involving women and men in development activities, through Community Organisations.

Some of the worst affected districts of Pakistan during the recent disaster have strong RSP presence and outreach. The RSPs here are able to efficiently access, identify and provide support to destroyed villages and families, through Community Organisations that they already work with in hundreds of villages. The National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) has a strong presence in Pakistani Kashmir (worst affected NRSP areas are: Rawalakot, Bagh, Pallandari and the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) is present in the North West Frontier Province (worst affected SRSP areas are: Balakot, Battagram, Mansehra). Both organisations have been working in these areas since the early 1990s.

The RSPN has set up a Disaster Relief Cell in Islamabad and is coordinating with the NRSP and SRSP for relief to affected areas.

The RSPN is collecting relief items (tents, blankets, food, medicines and others) and funds. It has effective delivery and distribution systems in place through the NRSP and SRSP. The teams of these two RSPs are already in the disaster zones coordinating relief efforts and distributing items. For this locally-based RSP staff in these areas are relying on local communities to identify the worst affected villages and communities and will deliver your donations to these.


North West Frontier Province: worst affected areas are Battagram, Balakot, Mansehra. SRSP has a Regional Office in Mansehra which has outreach Field Units in Battagram, Allai, Balakot, Kaghan, Oghi. SRSP Mansehra regional office will also access Shangla near Swat where damage is extensive (there is a regional office in Abbotabad and Haripur as well with full outreach). The SRSP has a Regional office in Mansehra and Abbotabad (NWFP).

Pakistani Kashmir: worst affected areas in Rawalakot, Bagh, Pallandri, Hajira, Kotli (specific valleys which have not been accessed yet and where serious damage has also occurred are Sudangali, Forward Kahuta, Dir Kot). There are Field Units in Rawalakot, Kahuta, Dirkot, Palandri, Bagh and Hajira.

RSPs Regional Offices and Field Units are all equipped with offices & facilities, telephones, fax, transport and staff (accounts, social mobilisers, engineers, drivers and other support staff).

A situation analysis of affected areas is currently taking place and details will be available by the end of the day or by tomorrow morning.


Pakistan-Based Contributors:

Individual and Organisational donations of relief items from within Pakistan may be sent to the RSPN office at No 7, Street 49, Sector F 6/4, Islamabad.

Individual donation of funds for Pakistan-based contributors can be made into RSPN's Pakistani Rupee Account No 5801-501436-090. Union Bank. F 7 Markaz Islamabad. RSPN will purchase most needed relief items in consultation with affected areas (through NRSP and SRSP) and utilise part of the funds to transport items purchased to villages. You can specify where you want things sent or leave this up to us.

Pakistani organisations interested in coordinating efforts with the RSPN and/or donating funds are requested to get in touch with Shandana Khan and Sarmad Khan immediately.

International Organisations based in Pakistan interested in coordinating efforts with the RSPN and/or donating funds are requested to get in touch with either person at the RSPN immediately via e mail, telephone or fax.

Out of Pakistan Contributors

Individual donation of funds in US$ or UK pounds sterling for out of Pakistan-based contributors may be made into RSPN's account in Islamabad (US $ Account No 75127407. ABN Amro Bank, F 7 Markaz Islamabad, Pakistan. To wire to the US $ account the swift code is UNBLPKKAXXX. For pounds sterling Account no 5801-501437-054. At Union Bank F 7 Markaz Islamabad. Swift Code UNBLPKKAXXX). RSPN will purchase most needed relief items in consultation with affected areas (through NRSP and SRSP) and utilise part of the funds to transport items directly to affected villages and communities.

International Organisations based outside Pakistan and with or without local operations and interested in coordinating efforts with the RSPN and/or donating funds are requested to get in touch with Shandana Khan or Sarmad Khan via e mail, telephone or fax.

Currently Most Needed Items

- Tents
- Water - bottled (water souces have shifted and springs dried up in many villages)
- Dry Food
- Milk (dry and liquid)
- Medicines and Supplied Needed are: Surgical supplies, Pyodine, cotton rolles, gauze, bandages, needles and syringes, cannulas, drips saline, anti-tetanus, antibiotics (ciprofloxaene, etc), pain killers, flagyl (injections and tablets), ORS, cough syrup, diazepam tablets, zantac (injections and tablets), antiemetics

Shandana Khan - CEO
Rural Support Programmes Network
No 7, Street 49, Sector F 6/4
Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel: 00-92-51-282-1736/282-2476
Fax: 00-92-51-282-9115

Islamic Relief

Make sure your Sadqah and Zakat donations reach those who need it most. Please deposit your donations in any branch of Union Bank or send them directly to Islamic Relief.

Union Bank Account # 5801-499773-050
For more information or donations, please contact:
6-A, Park Road, F-8/2, Islamabad
Ph: 051-111 237 237

IB-TA-DA Foundation

IB-TA-DA-FOUNDATION has gathered tents, blankets, and life saving medicines for all those individuals, NGOs and humanitarian organizations who want to supply all these items to earthquake victims.

Please contact:
Omar Zaman
0300-981-1547, 0300-523-0035, 0300-950-2236, 051-227-9976, 051-287-7143

Joint Action Committee - Earthquake Relief Effort

Supplies Needed Urgently

The Joint Action Committee of NGOs in Pakistan has mounted a combined relief effort for the affectees of the earthquake. To provide food, shelter, medicine, clothing, and other essential items to millions of injured and homeless people, JAC urgently needs the following items to be transported to the remote regions.

Qty: 1,000 | Unit Cost: 4,000 | Est Amt: 40,00,000

Qty: 1,000 | Unit Cost: 1,000 | Est Amt: 10,00,000

Folding Beds
Qty: 4,000 | Unit Cost: 1,500 | Est Amt: 60,00,000

Transport and Communication
Est Amt: 5,00,000

Total: Rs. 11,50,00,00

All of these items are needed on an urgent basis. Goods will be delivered through a network of grassroots partners of JAC in AJK including Muzaffarabad, Kohala, Bagh, Rawlakot and in Hazara region including Abottabad, Mansehra, Balakot, Battal, Garhi Abdullah, Battagram and other areas.

Naeem Iqbal: 0300 516-4530 (
Aftab Iqbal: 0333 553-3055 (

Secretariat, Joint Action Committee – House # 7 A, Street 10, F – 8 / 3, Islamabad, Pakistan
Ph: 051 – 228-2481 – 2 Fax: 051 – 228-2483

Focus Relief Camp at AGA KHAN GYMKHANA

Focus Humanitarian Assistance Pakistan is setting up a relief camp at Aga Khan Gymkhana on 12 Oct 2005 for earthquake victims. You don't need to bring any material, all they need is your help in packing and sorting the items. It will start from 2 PM and will go on till midnight.

Near Karachi Zoological Gardens, Garden East, Karachi. It's a huge complex and once you get to the zoo, ask anyone and they'll direct ... you can't miss it. In case anyone needs further directions, please call 0300-829-7621

Blood Donation Camps

HOPE & KCCI are organizing a blood donation camp for victims. 7 pm onwards at the parking lot of The Forum, Karachi. Please participate.

AHSAAS to send team up north - urgent requirements

AHSAAS has decided to send its own team up north to personally help and reach out to victims directly.

This is a massive undertaking and we need your help to make it a success. Our team with trucks will leave within the next 48 hours and we require URGENT ACTION FROM YOU PLEASE!!!!!!

Kindly contribute the following items to us immediately:

1. Ready to eat, biscuits, dates, powder milk & water etc.
2. Blankets
3. Medicines viz. Brufen, Antox, Ponstan/Panadol/Paracetamol, Bandages & ORS
4. Gas ka choola, Machis, Utensils
Money for reconstruction of houses OR Money for buying the items above.

Please remember it will take many months for these people to rebuild their lives! They feed off land, tourism and manpower which they will now not be able to do for a very very long time.

With the dead bodies still lying trapped, and malnutrition amongst the living, the outbreak of epidemic is imminent also. We need to ensure that we can help these people rebuild their lives piece by piece.


You can desposit your donations at:
Mehak Garden, Next to P.I.D.C House, Dawood Center or Progressive Plaza, P.I.D.C. Karachi.
Phone: 275-0372-1
Cell: 0345-237-6190, 0300-210-5656
Please call on the following numbers for pledging contributions and items listed above.
Thank you.
Haris Jamil

The Aga Khan Development Network

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) has announced an initial contribution of Rs 30 million in support of the earthquake relief being provided by the government which will be matched by Habib Bank Limited with a further Rs 30 million donation towards the President’s Emergency Relief Fund. A press release issued on Monday also said that AKDN helicopters have been put at the disposal of the authorities to assist in humanitarian efforts.

The Church World Service Aid

CWS AID: The Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan has chalked out a plan for rehabilitation of earthquake victims. The CWS-P/A is immediately providing food items and shelter kits to 600 affected families in the NWFP and Azad Kashmir and later it will provide similar help to 5,000 families and will extend material and financial help for reconstruction of damaged houses.

Hilal-e-Ahmar (Pakistan Red Crescent Society)

Hilal-e-Ahmar (Pakistan Red Crescent Society) is providing shelter, food, medicine and blood to the victims in NWFP, AJ & K and Islamabad. Please send your donations to any branch of Saudi Pak Commercial Bank A/C # 0036-012000146401 or send in cheques, directly to Hilal-e-Ahmar, H-8, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Society for Human Rights and Prisoners Aid has announced setting up of a relief camp in Sector F-10/2 to collect relief goods for the affected people.

Islamic Call

The bureau office of Word Islamic Call Society of Libyan International Welfare Organization has converted its annual amount for Iftar into dry fruits package for the quake-hit areas.

SOS Village

The SOS Children’s Village has said it is sending food items for 1,000 quake-affected people in Muzaffarbad. A statement said SOS Village had made arrangement for sheltering unaccompanied children and women in the federal capital.

Al-Khidmat Welfare Society

Al-Khidmat appeals to donate generously for the victims of earthquake. Items required are Food & Mineral Water, Blankets, Tents, Medicines and Cash Support.

Account No. 6-6 BCB, P.E.C.H.S Branch, Karachi
504 Quaideen Colony Near Islamia College Karachi
Ph # 4915361 – 64

The Citizens Foundation Earthquake Relief Fund

The Citizens Foundation, in a two-phased strategy has planned to provide systematic relief to the survivors of the earthquake in the Northern Areas and Azad Kashmir.

Immediate Relief: Starting today, TCF will provide basic care packages including tents, blankets and food rations to 20,000 affectees for the next seven days for which TCF needs Rs. 30,00,000.

Permanent Housing: In the second phase TCF plans to construct 5000 seismically designed homes each costing Rs. 400,000. TCF engineers and experts are already in the area and are monitoring the requirements on site, both short term and long term.

Support TCF's efforts at reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Zakat/Donations should be sent to: TCF Relief Fund
Tel: 021 565-3195, 567-1127

Oxfam to provide tents and blankets to Earthquake victims in Azad Kashmir

The biggest charity in the United Kingdom , Oxfam will provide sixty thousand tents and three hundred thousand blankets to victims of the earthquake in three of the five worst hit districts in Azad Kashmir, said its spokesman here on Sunday.

Talking to APP Oxfam spokesman said here its Emergency Response team led by Raphal Sindaye will fly out to Pakistan on Monday and will buy the relief goods from the region to provide succour to the earthquake's victims which killed over 19000 people while injuring over forty two thousand people.

He said its team had the target of providing relief to three hundred thousand people in the three districts of Azad Kashmir but was not yet aware of their names.

Oxfam is planning to spend half million sterling pounds on its relief operation in the said districts and has already launched an appeal to nearly one million British Pakistanis to generously donate funds for helping the victims.

UNICEF rushing relief supplies to quake-affected Pakistani areas

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said Sunday it was rushing assistance to the Government of Pakistan in the wake of Saturday's massive earthquake. Just hours after the quake struck, UNICEF began moving supplies from a Karachi warehouse into the affected region, a press release of the UN's children agency said.

The supplies include blankets, clothing, tents, emergency medical supplies, food for infants, and water purification tablets.

It said UNICEF will work closely with the Government of Pakistan to determine what additional relief supplies may be needed. UNICEF is standing by to mobilize needed supplies from its operations elsewhere in the region and from its global supply hub in Copenhagen .

Speaking from New York , UNICEF Executive Director Ann Veneman said that the agency is preparing for a response to match the scale of the disaster, noting that children make up half the population of the affected areas.

“Children in the affected areas will be vulnerable to hunger, cold, illness, and trauma,” Veneman said. “Getting immediate life-saving relief into the region will be our priority for the next hours and days, even as the search and rescue effort goes on.”

Teams will be deployed from UNICEF's Peshawar office in Pakistan 's North West Province early on Sunday morning into the countryside as part of a joint UN response team. A quarter of the population in the area hit by the quake, is with limited resources to cope with disaster.

Omar Abdi, the head of UNICEF's operations in Pakistan , was quoted as saying that UNICEF and WHO are providing logistics support and supplies to the surgical teams sent by the Pakistan Government to care for the most badly injured.

UNICEF said that emotional trauma will be an important concern, especially for children. Many people are likely to be too frightened to sleep in their houses or apartments tonight because of aftershocks. Schools that were not damaged or destroyed will likely remain closed or disrupted for several days but the agency said that returning children to school as soon as possible will be important to their recovery.

UNICEF has staff, supplies, and ongoing operations in each of the three countries affected by the earthquake.

MKR Relief Fund

The MKR (Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman) Earthquake Relief Fund comes forward to help the tragedy stricken. Take a moment out of your busy lives, and donate generously for those whose lives and loved ones are lost.

This is what you can do for those still in the rubble, those out in the streets, stricken with fear and sorrow.

Local donations: UBL 0102598-5
International transfers: Swift Code UNILPKKA

Aid Agencies Working in the Quake Zone

International aid organizations are accepting donations to help victims of the devastating earthquake in South and Central Asia . The groups include:

(800) 486-HELP

American Jewish World Service
(212) 736-2597

The British Red Cross
(44-20) 870-170-9240

The American Red Cross
(800) HELP-NOW

The International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies
(41-22) 730-4222

The Indian Red Cross

The Pakistani Red Crescent

Canadian Red Cross
(800) 418-1111

(800) 422-7385

Catholic Relief Services
(800) 736-3467

Church World Service
(800) 297-1516

Christian Aid
(44-20) 845-700-0300

Concern Worldwide
(353-1) 850-410-510

Direct Relief International
(805) 964-4767

Episcopal Relief and Development
(800) 334-7626

(49-8341) 966-1480

International Medical Corps
(800) 481-4462

The International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Corps
(44-1324) 665011

Habitat for Humanity International

Islamic Relief
(44-121) 622 0622

MAP International
(800) 225-8550

(41-21) 694-35-35

Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders
(212) 679-6800

Mercy Corps
(888) 256-1900

Muslim Aid
(44-20) 7377-4200

Network for Good

Northwest Medical Teams
(800) 959-HEAL

(800) 77-OXFAM

Plan USA
(800) 556-7918

Save the Children
(800) 728-3843

(800) 4UNICEF

(800) 770-1100

The United Methodist Committee on Relief
(800) 554-8583

World Vision
(888) 511-6548

Bright Educational Society Needs Help

A group of welfare workers I work with in Orangi are organizing help for 17 villages in one of the areas worst affected by the earthquake. Most of these young men are originally from that area, so an advance party of 100 volunteers has reached already and collection of goods is being prioritized on the basis of their initial report. There is a dire need for bedding, quilts and blankets as well as medicines. With food stocks expected to last for 5-8 days, flour, rice, lentils, oil. ghee, milk, tea etc. and other dry goods will also be sent, but ready to eat products are currently preferable.

Funds are required for construction materials to rebuild or repair homes as first reports suggest that 70-90 percent of these villages have been razed to the ground. Anyone wishing to volunteer is welcome to accompany the group to the affected area and participate in the distribution firsthand. Donations may be sent directly to the address or bank account given below.

Contact details:

Name: Bright Educational Society
Contact Persons: Waheed, Latif, Amjad
Address: ST-1114, Islamia Colony No.1, Karachi 75800
Phones: 0092 21 665 8999, 0092 300 925 1836
Bank: The Bank of Khyber, S.I.T.E. Branch, Karachi , Pakistan.Bank-Branch Code No. 28 Account
Title: Bright Educational Society Account Number: 1744-3Income Tax Exemption: CIT/COS-V/SO-1/2005-05/2179

Mensa Pakistan Disaster Relief Fund

Mensa Pakistan Disasters Relief Fund (DRF) is collecting assistance for the Earthquake victims, in coordination with some NGOs & Government Departments. You are all requested to donate as much as possible in this grave time of need.

Assistance can be of:

  1. Shoes (Check your shoe racks)
  2. Blankets (Shawls / Chaddars)
  3. Medicines (Anti-Biotics & Pain-Killers)
  4. Monetary (Zakat / Khairaat / donations)

You can deposit your donations at:

Syed Irfan Ali Shah (DRF-Coordinator)
Member Parliament - Sindh Provincial Assembly
83/2, street 5, off Khyaban-e-Badar, Phase 5, DHA, Karachi
0300 200 89 49

Hasan Zuberi (Chairman - Mensa Pakistan )
C-309 Rufi Heaven Block 13 D 2 Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi
0345 213-0077 – 0303-728-6997


Uzair Rana (DRF-Coordinator)
0321 406-0805

Mustafa Jalil Qureshi ( Mensa City Coordinator)
0300 479-2400

Waqar ul Haq Zuberi (DRF-Corodinator)
0333 517-4375

Syed Aun Raza ( Mensa City Coordinator)
0333 557-0535

International Donors

The folks at SA Tribune have put together a very useful link for people abroad who want to donate - click the following URL to find out how to donate if you do not live in Pakistan .


AMAL is trying to link up with two NGOs, Islamic Relief and Sungi working in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Abbottabad. The drop-off point for donations is the AMAL office located at #7, St. 62, G-6/4, Islamabad . In case of questions you can contact Nighat Rizvi on (+92) 0300 500-3175, Imran Rizvi on (+92) 0300 855-1208 and Mehrunnisa Yusuf on (+92) 0300 500-2657.

Please donate the following items:
  • Clothes, shoes
  • Dry food items such as lentils, sugar, [powdered] milk etc
  • Basic medicines and medical supplies
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Tents


  • FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance :

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    By HRDN, at 9:40 AM  

  • Hope Worldwide-Pakistan (HOPE) NGO working for the Poverty Eradication took the stand immediately for this and provide the emergency relief for the victims at the affected areas immediately. HOPE provided the emergency ambulance service for the victims and all the entire team stood for the emergency and organized the relief camps for the victims and collected the donations like goods i.e. food, tent and clothes for the victims and medicines. HOPE team visited the affected areas and arranged the blood donations for the victims. HOPE is busy to catering and providing the medicines and shelter among the victims came to Rawalpindi and Islamabad from Kashmir.
    As the Victims need relief and sustainable relief and our team is enthusiastically with devotion is busy for this and have a vision to empower the status of the victims. We are waiting for your prompt and immediate assistance regarding this. Please keep us in your prayers and remember the victims those are suffering with this horrible situation having lost their families and houses and all which they had.
    HOPE has been sent the six containers full of food and clothes and medicines and tent and water and provided the manpower at the affected areas for taking out the dead bodies from the buildings.

    By Hope Worldwide-Pakistan, at 12:48 AM  

  • Better Life Corp. is on the Ground in Pakistan delivering supplies to earthquake victims. Our web site is underdevelopment but you may visit it at
    All donations will be used for helping earth quake victims

    By Adeel Khan , at 9:33 PM  

  • The Petarian Foundation / Abdalian Association have jointly been doing relief work and medical camp at remote villages near Bagh.

    How can you post details of our work on your website? PLease advise so that we may send you details.

    Our website is, which provides details of our work.

    By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, at 11:58 AM  

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