March 11th, 2004

The PASHA forum is host, once again, to a dramatic battle of wits. Round 237 began with a trip to India, paid for by individuals, not the organisation or the government. While everyone has a viewpoint about whether this trip was useful or not, these discussions always degenerate into mud-slinging and a really peculiar brand of politics.

If people paid for the trip from their own resources, what difference does it make to anyone else? They came back and shared their experiences with PASHA members, across Pakistan and people are free to reach their own conclusions. Why politicize things to a point where everyone loses sight of the core issue.

Maybe people went to India for inspiration. ULTRA BORING call-centre and BPO businesses aside, India is vibrant and dynamic. People there have minds, they’re excited about stuff, passionate about their work, not at all lazy, pretty darn down to earth … qualities that most Pakistanis lack. Yes, yes, I know I am generalizing but since this is my space …

From a work perspective, I wouldn’t have gone with the PASHA delegation because whatever inspiration and resources I need from India, I can get by e-mail and other online sources. However, if I had spare cash lying around, I would have gone, on any other pretext. I sometimes feel like an Indian soul trapped in a Pakistani body and wish Partition had never happened. A simplistic view perhaps but I am shamelessly enamoured of the Indians. Tehelka is a case in point. More on this later …

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