March 8th, 2004

Mobilink recently flushed several million down the toilet with its new “Reshaping Communication” campaign. The brushed steel look has been shamelessly stolen from Apple Computer, dunno where the purple beveled thing has been appropriated from.

Cannot comprehend how a company that has caused endless financial, emotional, and mental trauma to its “loyal” customers can have the audacity to roll out such a massively meaningless campaign. Every day for the last several days, we’ve been waiting for a service/package/pricing/whatever announcement to back up the tall claims, but after 3 weeks, ZILCH.

What kind of bozos head up “marketing” in these companies? What, in their opinion, constitutes brand loyalty? WHEN WILL WE GET GPRS, YOU SCHMUCKS? At 17 bucks per minute + airtime, your so called data services are a NOT FUNNY joke.

Mobilink: your old logo was hideous but you know what, we weren’t thinking about it. Your new logo is “different” from your old logo but then you already know that. Perhaps another thing you need to know is that we don’t give a rat’s ass about the new logo either. It seems that the obvious needs to be spelled out, so here’s a quick list of what we expect from our “favorite” cellular operator:

1. The ability to speak to people using our Mobilink-enabled cell phones

2. We’d like our text messages to be delivered to intended recipients

3. GPRS – the Ufone way – or better

Wish you had spent the millions on us instead of reinventing your logo. Can’t even refer to it as your brand because a brand is so much more than superficial packaging. But then, that’s b-school 101 and you know all about that kind of stuff.

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